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Computer Science (Informatica)

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Information interaction

Computers spelen een steeds grotere rol in ons dagelijks leven. Bij de bachelor Computer Science (ofwel Informatica) hier aan de VU word je opgeleid tot een expert in de onderliggende technologie. Deze opleiding heeft een internationaal karakter, waarbij Engels de voertaal is.

Computer Science is all about our interaction with information. That information can range from railway timetables to personal health care data or exciting new virtual games. Computer technology has given us a wealth of new opportunities, but unfortunately it has also created serious risks. The Bachelor’s in Computer Science at VU Amsterdam focuses on both aspects, with Networks and Security as two major topics in the program.

In addition, the VU offers students the only full-fledged academic specialization in software engineering in Amsterdam. You get your skills from researchers who are specialized in this field. During the bachelor you can opt for the engineering minor Deep Programming. After the bachelor you can go for the Master's track in Software Engineering and Green IT. This track is unique because of its focus on teaching you how to engineer energy-aware software and ICT systems, making our digital society more sustainable.

If you want to go for a top-class education in engineering of distributed computer systems, you can opt for our selective master's programme in Parallel and Distributed Computer Systems (PDCS) after your bachelor. PDCS was founded by professor Andy Tanenbaum, a world-renowned researcher in computer networks, and the creator of MINIX.

The openness and transparency that we value in the Netherlands are reflected in our educational system. You will receive a pro-active and challenging education, and our lecturers’ doors are always open for any questions you might have. Our lecturers combine teaching with top-level research. They also maintain solid relations with various businesses in the field, and projects you will work on during your program are often organized in cooperation with such companies.
Can't wait? Check out this lecture on Computer Systems by top-researcher Herbert Bos, which is part of the actual curriculum. Or check out the lecture of VU-professor Frank van Harmelen on the 'Universiteit van Nederland' (in Dutch). 

The Computer Scientist looking further

We are moving towards a world in which everything and everyone is connected. This will affect all of us. For this very reason, VU Computer Scientists will be joining researchers from practically a wide range of academic disciplines as they examine the theme of the Connected World. We invite you to enter this world: as a Computer Science student at VU Amsterdam, you will be uniquely qualified to contribute to this theme as an expert in the field with technical as well as multidisciplinary skills.

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Are you up for joining VU Amsterdam’s international talent network? Are you tenacious and do you enjoy learning from others? Do you have an affinity with computers, programming and math? Are you creative, inquisitive and ambitious? Do you wish to make things simpler, and are you the problem solver this world needs? In that case we would be happy to meet you during one of our taster days

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Upon graduation you’ll receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. You’ll be able to use your knowledge to develop state-of-the-art computer programs, evaluate potential network security weaknesses, or design a secure network. Our graduates have landed jobs as software engineers with Google, Nokia and the City of Amsterdam. Others have become Licensed Ethical Hackers at XS4ALL, consultants with Accenture or are now CEOs of their own companies (e.g. Voiceworks). Computer Science is invaluable for almost any modern industry or company, so you will have many options when it comes to finding the right job.

Even more doors will open for you if you decide to specialize further by pursuing a Master’s degree. VU Amsterdam offers six Computer Science Master’s programs, each with an excellent reputation in a decidedly international environment. Check out all our Master’s programs.

Admission criteria and application procedure for international students can be found here.

Dutch pre-university school diploma (VWO) 

You can study Computer Science at VU Amsterdam if you have a Dutch VWO diploma with the following profiles:

  • Natuur en Gezondheid, supplemented with Mathematics B
  • Natuur en Techniek
  • Economie en Maatschappij, supplemented with Mathematics B
  • Cultuur en Maatschappij, supplemented with Mathematics B

Higher professional education (HBO) propaedeutic year 
You will be eligible for admission to this bachelor programme if you obtain additional modular certificate on 6 VWO level in the following subjects: Mathematics B* and English

Higher professional education (HBO) completed programme 
You will be eligible for admission to this bachelor programme if you obtain additional modular certificate on 6 VWO level in the following subjects: Mathematics B* and English

* Does not apply to the hbo study programme Toegepaste Wiskunde/Mathematical Engineering.

Aged 21 or over? 
Dutch applicants who do not meet any of the above educational requirements and who are aged 21 or over, may be admitted by way of colloquium doctum. This requires obtaining the following modular certificates on 6 VWO level:

  • English
  • Mathematics B

Meeting prerequisites? 
You can obtain your certificates from various institutions

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Some international students are happy to tell you about their experiences with living and studying in Amsterdam. These Student Ambassadors come from all over the world and have attended various bachelor's and master's programmes.

Our student ambassadors are listed here. Reach out to them and get their stories about being a student at VU Amsterdam!

As a prospective student Computer Science at VU Amsterdam you will take part in the VU Matching programme. VU Matching is an element of the application procedure for all bachelor degree programmes. It consists of two parts: first you fill out a digital questionnaire on VUnet and second you participate in the matching activity of the programme. The matching activity aims to give you a realistic idea of the content of the programme, so you can determine if it matches your expectations and, whether you have chosen the right programme.

Dutch Nationals  The matching activity on campus took place on Thursday June 6, 2019.

International students  Some time after your conditional admittance you will be invited for the online matching activity. This activity is available until 11 August midnight, Amsterdam time.

If for some reason you missed the invitation for the matching you can email for access to the online activity. Please note that you can only gain access to the activity in the digital learning environment Canvas after you have completed and confirmed the application form in VUnet (Progress 100%). The online activity is available until 11 August midnight, Amsterdam time.

You may expect a reply to your email within 5 workingdays. Keep an eye on your inbox and check your spamfolder as well.

Participation in the matching activity is not mandatory for this programme and not participating will not affect your application.

For general information about matching check out VU Matching. If you have questions about the matching activity, please contact the matching coordinator for the Faculty of Science:

Are you a Dutch applicant and do you have questions? Mail to
Non-Dutch applicants can mail to     


How will you be spending your time?

Our three-year Bachelor’s program will teach you to speak and understand the language of computers, from the logic that systems are built on to the various abstractions of the code used to program them. Moreover, you'll learn how computer networks share information efficiently and securely, and how users interact with systems. You'll be in the driver’s seat with key skills and expertise, ready to start working in this fascinating field.

More information about the first year can be found in our course catalogue (studiegids).

More information about the second year can be found in our course catalogue (studiegids).

More information about the third year can be found in our course catalogue (studiegids).

More information about the first year can be found in our course catalogue (studiegids).

More information about the second year can be found in our course catalogue (studiegids).

More information about the third year can be found in our course catalogue (studiegids).

Samenvatting Computer Science (Informatica)




3 years (fulltime)


Verschillende tarieven
Students will have to spend approximately 200 euro per year for buying books. From 2020, new students are expected to possess a laptop computer, running either Windows 10 or mac OSX, for participating in educational activities (approx. 200 euro per academic year).

Aanmelden Voor

1 May for Dutch students


1 September



Bindend Studie Advies

norm: 42 EC

VWO Profiel

NT or NG / EM / CM with Mathematics B


Informatica, Wiskunde en Bedrijf

Steven van Beelen

Third-year Computer Science student

I have always been fascinated by everything involving computers. So studying Computer Science seemed only logical, and VU Amsterdam was at the top of my list. Over the past three years I’ve taken fascinating courses on algorithms, programming, problem solving and database architecture, precisely what I like! In addition, the contact between the professors and students is great, which really makes me doubly glad I opted for VU Amsterdam. It’s almost a pity I’m nearly done with my Bachelor’s. I want more!